Citrus Fiber Market

Citrus Fiber Market

Market Overview:

Citrus fibre is widely used in a variety of foods, including but not limited to baked goods, frozen dinners, dairy ranch products, meats, sauces, and beverages. The fibre from citrous mash is dried to increase its convenience.

Orange is by far the most well-known citrous flavour profile, and its applications and allure are referenced around the world, from its usage as a new organic product to its use as a flavouring in beverages, sweets, and other culinary items. Phosphates, hydrocolloids, carrageenan, and other prohibited food additives can be efficiently replaced by citrous fibre portions that adhere to FDA regulations.

Vitamin C in juice is an additional health benefit that is recognised by humans and boosts the popularity of citrous. These components can alleviate feelings of worry, further improve skin complexion, prevent stomach-related illnesses, reduce the risk of cancer, and further improve heart health.

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Citrus fibre is a byproduct of the juice industry and is typically employed as a texturizer, emulsifier, gelling agent, stabiliser, and water retention agent. It provides dairy products, such as cheddar and plant-based yoghurt, a thick, solid surface. Pastry chefs frequently use it as an egg and wheat alternative.

Citrus fibre is also utilised in infusion-formed bones, biscuits, canned or moist foods, semi-moist treats, and pet treats. Consumers are gravitating towards non-hazardous, greener and more organic products. Citrus mash fibre possesses qualities that aid in cold binding and imparting a flesh-like texture to meat alternatives, such as veggie burgers.

Wellness and health trends encourage the food and beverage industry to favour natural ingredients over synthetic alternatives. Some of the leading manufacturers of citrous fibres are focusing on partnerships and acquisitions to expand their product offering. In the coming years, it is anticipated that drug-grade citrous fibre will be in demand as an excipient material in a variety of pharmaceutical formulations. North America and Europe hold the largest market share for citrous mash fibre. However, over the forecast period, East Asia and South Asia are predicted to grow fast in the citrous fibre market.

Citrus Fiber: Market Dynamics

Citrus fibre provides numerous health advantages. It is derived naturally from orange peel or pulp. Many diseases are prevented by citrous fibre generated from natural sources, which increases its demand in the food and beverage business. Consumer demand for citrous fibre rises as consumers gain knowledge that dietary fibre can help prevent breast cancer and enhance intestinal function. In addition, it enhances fat metabolism. For convenience in the kitchen, citrous fibre is added to processed meals.

Citrus fibre imparts flavour and texture to food goods without altering their flavour, aroma, or flavour. This boosts the food processing industry’s utilisation of citrous fibre. As the demand for fresh and nutritious bread rises, dietary fibres are added to bakery dough, which increases the necessity of using frozen dough to expedite the process of manufacturing fresh bread.

Since the majority of consumers are health-conscious and prefer only natural and organic foods, the demand for natural citrous fibre is on the rise. From orange peel and pulp, natural citrous fibre is extracted without the use of synthetic chemicals.

The report also includes detailed profiles of end players such as Ceamsa, Fiberstar, Inc., Quadra Chemicals Ltd., Cargill, Inc., and Florida Food Products. The detailed description of players includes parameters such as company overview, financial overview, business strategies and recent developments of the company.

This report segments the global Citrus Fiber market as follows:

Global Citrus Fiber Market: Function Analysis

  • Water Binder and Fat Replacer
  • Thickening Gums
  • Gelling Gums

Global Citrus Fiber Market: Grade Analysis

  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Others

Global Citrus Fiber Market: Application Analysis

  • Bakery
  • Desserts and Ice-Creams
  • Sauces and Seasonings
  • Meat and Egg Replacement
  • Beverages, Flavorings, and Coatings
  • Snacks and Meals
  • Personal Care
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Others

Global Citrus Fiber Market: Regional Segment Analysis

  • North America
    • The U.S.
  • Europe
    • UK
    • France
    • Germany
  • Asia Pacific
    • China
    • Japan
    • India
  • Latin America
    • Brazil
  • Middle East and Africa


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