What are your company’s primary electronic security systems?

Because of the rising number of theft-related instances in businesses, there is an ever-increasing need for electronic security solutions.

So Paulo has been the site of 46% of all attacks in Brazil since 2009, according to the Values Transport Companies Association. Many businesspeople have been unable to sleep at night because of this worrying reality.

Institutional protection measures are also available in the protection market. Workers’ safety is ensured by these electronic security devices. To put institutions out of the reach of criminals, these instruments can be used as follows:

Take a look at the electrical safety measures in place.


Whoever believes the automated gate delimits condos, malls, and parking lots is mislead. Automatic gates can be employed in organizations with heavy automobile traffic. The automated gate’s inconspicuous security helps regulate business cars.


This is a must-have tool for businesses with a large volume of deliveries and pickups. The driver doesn’t have to get out of the automobile to unlock the automated gate. The remote control is used to simply open the remote input. Criminals will not be able to see you.


One of the most effective current security techniques is biometrics. People can get entry to certain locations using this system’s digital reading or face recognition.

Biometrics offers three special advantages:

Low cost in comparison to other types of access control

Practical use, because the person does not have to waste time providing a card or other means of identification to gain access to a certain location.

One of the most appealing aspects of biometrics is its high security, since it is virtually difficult for someone without authorization to enter a secured area.

Security camera

Is there any area these days that does not have cameras? We live on a reality show where we are constantly monitored. From this standpoint, a security camera system is used to monitor businesses. In addition to tracking who enters and exits the organization, CCTV allows you to witness the appearance of unanticipated circumstances in real time.

24 hour surveillance

Following the installation of the surveillance camera circuit, the technique of 24-hour monitoring is used. It is remote surveillance through telephone lines, radio signals, GRPS, and IP that is linked to an alarm system. When an event happens, the information is immediately transferred to the monitoring center, which, depending on the circumstances, summons the police or first responders.

Electronic security systems should be considered regardless of the kind of company. With gangs increasingly specializing in stealing, it is vital to defend companies against these organizations’ attacks. Fortunately, Ser-Tel offers a suite of techniques that priorities company security.

When is it permissible to utilize electronic monitoring in a court case?

Electronic surveillance has grown in popularity in the security industry because it is a reliable security technology for preventing and recording illegal activity in businesses. Every day, new technology and resources emerge to protect the company’s assets as well as its workers.

Electronic monitoring

Security cameras and other devices keep track of everything that happens in the workplace. When used as proof, this security technique can be quite beneficial. However, when and how are these tests deemed to be accurate? It’s one of the most often asked questions in these situations.

The quality of the image:

It is critical that a security system, such as a security camera, produce high-quality images for use in court. In terms of electronic surveillance equipment, cameras are the most commonly used. However, the photographs must be of a specific quality in order to show individuals and their actions.

Capacity of storage:

One thing that must be considered in order to ensure the quality of the images captured by security cameras is storage. The more data you need to keep, the more storage you’ll require. As a result, you’ll need to do research to determine how long saved photographs may be kept without deteriorating in quality.

Quantity of apparatus:

In terms of electronic surveillance, the quantity of equipment is a crucial piece of information. With more technology, more data will be created, necessitating a greater need for storage space. A skilled specialist will know how many pieces of equipment are required to ensure the safety of the business.

Asset protection planning

Investment in an electronic monitoring system is crucial for a company’s safety. However, finding the appropriate service provider is much more crucial. This is because maintaining such a system requires expertise and preparedness. Security involves conducting a comprehensive analysis of your clients’ security requirements to identify what equipment will be required to register and defend your company.###

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